Smarter Law Firm Seo

We’ll help you get better cases and more cases with law firm seo.  We’ve ranked in the most competitive legal markets and we’ll help you firm beat the competition in your city.  Our services include law firm seo, pay per click, and website design.  Our focus is on organic ranking.  Ranking in Google is what is going to grow your firm in a predictable and sustainable way.  

Our Law Firm Seo Converts Visitors Into Clients

The best leads are in the top three rankings on Google’s organic listings.  We start by looking at the competition and designing a plan to out muscle them in a way that makes economic sense.  With enough money and time any phrase can be ranked in the legal market.  The key is to identify what phrases will help you grow your business in your particular market.  After reverse engineering your competition, we develop a plan to build new and unique authority to your site.  Generally, the process takes between six and nine months to see results that move the needle for your business.  The cost will depend on the current authority and relevance of your site and what steps your competition is taking to rank their websites.  Each niche’s difficulty is determined by the strength of the local competitors.  Running a race against an average person and against star is a good analogy for analyzing where your competition is at.  If there are no stars in your market- then it will takes less resources to rank in your market place.  

Why Hire Esquire Client Solutions for Your Project?

We offer streamlined website design and maintenance.  We have proven organic ranking in the most difficult legal markets.  Direct communication with our firm partners.  We offer no contracts and no commitments but also total exclusivity in your market.  

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