Pitch Deck

If you’re looking to raise capital and create your dream business- you’ll need a pitch deck (aka slide deck).  Presenting your ideas in a clear concise way is essential in convincing anyone to put money into your idea.  A direct description of the problem you are solving and your solution is necessary.  A pitch deck can help you offer your ideas in a summary format with info-graphics.  

Your Perfect Slide Deck

Your pitch deck is the first impression potential investors get of your idea.  It also gives them idea of the marketplace and your competition.  Laying your competitive edge out in a  clear way and anticipating possible objections is the first step in securing funding.  Many aspiring entrepreneurs have a difficult time getting off first base- a well thought out slide deck can help you articulate your plan but also help you find weaknesses in your current assumptions.  Challenging your assumptions and meeting potential objections will strengthen your sales pitch to investors.  It can make or break your entire meeting.  

Pitch Deck

Your deck will consist of 10-20 slides and will provide a summary of your business, your solution to a problem, the market size or opportunity.  It will also lay out your competition and edge along with your team and any financials you may have.  Many people tend to start by looking at famous pitch decks including Facebook and AirBnb but that may not be appropriate depending on your offering or investors audience.  

Like any presentation, knowing your audience is important, and drafting a presentation that will appeal to an investor who already understands your problem and solution will require just a few clear bullet points outlining your problem.  Raising money is never easy but if you have a problem with a defined market and a solution to address that problem, then there is an investor that is the right fit for your business.  Finding investors with similar experience or industry knowledge has it’s advantages and disadvantages.  

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